What we provide.

Recruits are  measured for their “Blue” uniform  on their second visit following the intake session. It is supplied from our stores or ordered from RAF Henlow, depending on the sizes we have available and stock.

What you must provide.

You must provide the appropriate footwear for your child. Each cadet needs a pair of shoes and boots which 2484 (Bassingbourn) staff will advise on.

Wear and Tear etc.

The uniform will be replaced free of charge as normal wear and tear renders it unwearable, or the Cadet grows out of it, but must be paid for if lost or stolen.

Please be aware that the replacement charge for a complete uniform is in excess of £150! Please look after it!

When your child leaves the Air Cadets, please return all the items of uniform in a clean, tidy and wearable condition.