Thank you to all that attended the meeting last night. We hope you found it informative. We are trying to come up with fun and engaging ideas to keep you occupied during this time.

Each week we will be giving you a research topic and a weekly challenge.


This week’s research topic is the Typhoon.

To research this please go to

Read the page of information about the Typhoon and take notes if you wish, this will be in preparation for a quiz next Wednesday. All questions in the quiz will be based on the information supplied by the above web page.


This week’s challenge is to create an instructional video. Deadline for entries will be 15th April 2020. Please email all entries to Please remember you will get 1 point for both you and your flight just for entering!

The video must be.

·       Any subject you like, but we would prefer it to be Cadet related  (A How To video, Iron uniform, polish shoes, mould beret, drill movements, camouflage techniques or a build a paper plain are just a few ideas).

·       No more than 3 mins in length.

·       No inappropriate subjects or language

·       These can be funny or serious, have fun and get other people in your house involved if they are willing.


Each Wednesday Virtual Parade evening will be both an individual and Flight competition. These competitions will be over 4 weeks and will result in a prize for the individual cadet with the most points and a prize (on return to Sqn) for the highest scoring Flight.

Quiz scores will be:

Individual cadet that enters the quiz will score

·       1 point for attending the meeting.

·       1 point for entering the quiz

·       5 points for 1st Place

·       3 points for 2nd Place

·       2 points for 3rd Place

Flight will score:

·       1 point for the most attending flight.

·       1 point for the Flight with the highest combined quiz score.

·       5 points for highest individual score (1st)

·       3 points for 2nd

·       2 points 3rd

Weekly Challenges will be scored in 3 categories:

·       Funniest

·       Best Executed

·       Effort

Individual cadet entering challenge:

·       1 point entering.

·       5 points 1st for each category

·       3 points 2nd for each category

·       2 points 3rd for each category

Flight will score:

·       1 point per entry.

·       5 points 1st for each category

·       3 points 2nd for each category

·       2 points 3rd for each category



Wednesday 15/04/2020

1845 – Meeting room will be available to join.

·       Rank & Surname at the sign in window.

·       Please login with the mic off.

·       Cadets will be held in the lobby.

1900 - Cadets will be let into meeting.

·       Click the message tab on the floating menu bar. At the top of the message window that opens there will be a link to an MS Forms doc to register attendance. Please fill in while waiting for the meeting to start.

·       Parade will start Sgt Hornsby to explain Quiz.

1905 – Quiz will start

1920 – Quiz will finish.

1925 – Sgt Hornsby to give details of the next research Quiz topic for following week.

1930 – Activity

1945 – Break for refreshment/chat

1955 – Announcement of following Weekly Challenge

2000 – Final Parade – Cadets can stay and ask questions/chat, if they wish, until 20.30